the TSP S fund

The government’s Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) has five basic funds to allocate to. Today we will examine their US small cap stock fund, the TSP S fund.

One of the main take-aways I pass on about the TSP S fund is that while it tends to perform about the same as the TSP C fund in the long run, it runs hotter in rallies and dives deeper in corrections.  This also applies to bull and bear markets as well as an annual seasonal pattern. 

By understanding this performance characteristic you can increase your investment returns by leaning on each fund at different times.  You should also know something about why the small caps perform the way they do as compared to the large cap SP500 fund so you can watch out for special scenarios.   

I’ve updated my TSP S fund page and I hope you take a look.

Invest Smart,

Michael Bond

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