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  • The Best TSP Allocation for 2019

    I’ve updated my Best TSP Allocation for 2019.  The discussion on the best TSP funds has not changed significantly this year from 2018 other than discussing the new TSP I fund index and a reversal in interest rates. Current members… Read More ›

  • TSP funds: Going Terminal

    Seventeen trillion dollars of negative yielding bonds and climbing is not the result of free market capitalism. It is the terminal phase of the global credit bubble.

  • Doug Noland: Dudley Sticks His Neck Out

    The notion that the Federal Reserve would not respond to declining stock prices – under any circumstance – has become heresy. Where was the outrage when Bill Dudley (while at Goldman Sachs) and others specifically called for the Fed to adopt policies to spur mortgage Credit expansion for the purpose of systemic reflation after the collapse of the “tech” Bubble?

  • TSP Funds: War On, Risk Off

    And so much for “good friend.” I’ll assume affixing the “enemy” label to Xi Jinping denotes serious trade war escalation. The “We don’t need China and, frankly, would be far better off without them” is frighteningly delusional.

  • TSP Special Report – RISK OFF

    I’ve posted a special report on today’s market events and what they mean to our investment allocations for our members (all levels).

  • Doug Noland: Comeuppance

    I understand why market professionals, pundits and journalists focus on the conventional “recession risk” explanation for sinking Treasury yields and the inverted curve. For one, there is insufficient awareness as to the deep structural impairments that today permeate global finance.

  • TSP Funds: Wake Up Time

    Don’t be fooled by short-term pops in price due to plunging interest rates. We it comes to fixed income funds, past performance can no longer be achieved again. We are simply accelerating to the point of no returns in the US bond market.

  • Wall Street decimates US National Security

    Matt Stoller is trying to wake up America to another crisis already baked into the cake. After reading his article (excerpts below) my view is simple, wall street greed is guilty of treason.

  • TSP Charts: Quicklook August 3rd 2019

    There is nothing like another “raising tariffs” tweet during a global industrial recession and busted interest rate expectations all in the same week to push the market off the top of its price channel. Let us hope speculators don’t start… Read More ›

  • Doug Noland: China Tariff Tweets

    There is ample justification for gold’s runup – experimental activist monetary policy, a world of debt, a historic global securities Bubble, and a troubling geopolitical backdrop.