TSP Charts: Running on Repos

… last September when the repo market failed (overnight repo rates jumped to 10%), our fearless money-printing Federal Reserve stepped in and loaned the repo borrowers whatever they wanted. And they kept on. And they STILL are.

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    This is not rocket science. It just takes time to do the research which is not something most investors have. This 15 minute guide will save you a lot of time and hopefully increase your future returns starting today by changing some assumptions about the TSP funds you can invest in.

  • TSP Funds: Wrong Medicine, Wrong Patient

    The five top mega-caps which I am renaming the “monopoly-caps” have accounted for 67% of the SP500’s gains so far this year while reaching a record 20% of the SP500’s market value. Five companies (1% of the SP500) accounts for 1/5 of the entire value of the SP500 index today – otherwise know at the TSP C fund.

  • TSP Funds: the Tesla Bubble

    Now with a market value like that, some are asking surely they will include Tesla in the SP500 now. It sits in the non-sp500 companies (TSP S fund) as the largest company. But the managers of the SP500 have a little rule that has and will keep it out.

  • Doug Noland: The First Major Pandemic Scare


    The entire world inflated into the proverbial Bubble in Search of a Pin. At the epicenter of the global Bubble, trouble in China has been headlining my list of potential catalysts. The coronavirus outbreak poses a clear and present danger of pushing China into a dangerous predicament.

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    TSP G fund mask

    I am not going to give you the mainstream answer – I rarely do. This Coronavirus is not another SARS and it is not the same as the flu. We can only hope it is like the annual flu, but… Read More ›

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    TSP & Vanguard Smart Investor’s guest writer Doug Noland writes on Issues for 2020

  • TSP Charts in Review

    My assessment remains that we are witnessing a colossal tug-o-war between free market price discovery and central bank interventions. The central banks are winning but each round requires much greater effort – meaning purchases of financial assets with money created out of thin air.

  • Doug Noland: 2019 in Review

    To summarize the 2019 policy backdrop in one word: capitulation. It was to be a year of monetary policy normalization. The new Fed chairman was to finally return policy rates to a more reasonable level. In 2019, the odds central bankers would ever actually tighten monetary conditions became exceedingly low.

  • Doug Noland: Crazy Extremis

    … was the Great Depression chiefly the consequence of post-crash policy mistakes, as conventional thinking has come to profess? Or did the previous “Roaring Twenties” Bubble sow the seeds of a major down-cycle and collapse?