TSP Charts

TSP Funds: Instability

Use common sense and look around. Earnings and cash flow determine stock prices after the corporate buybacks go away. The Fed is screaming DANGER and yes they “temporarily” provided liquidity (printed money) to halt the financial sell off. But they can NOT stop the economic damage that matters in the long run.

TSP Charts: Running on Repos

… last September when the repo market failed (overnight repo rates jumped to 10%), our fearless money-printing Federal Reserve stepped in and loaned the repo borrowers whatever they wanted. And they kept on. And they STILL are.

TSP Funds: the Tesla Bubble

Now with a market value like that, some are asking surely they will include Tesla in the SP500 now. It sits in the non-sp500 companies (TSP S fund) as the largest company. But the managers of the SP500 have a little rule that has and will keep it out.

TSP Charts in Review

My assessment remains that we are witnessing a colossal tug-o-war between free market price discovery and central bank interventions. The central banks are winning but each round requires much greater effort – meaning purchases of financial assets with money created out of thin air.

TSP Funds: Wake Up Time

Don’t be fooled by short-term pops in price due to plunging interest rates. We it comes to fixed income funds, past performance can no longer be achieved again. We are simply accelerating to the point of no returns in the US bond market.