TSP UPDATE: S&P 500 Short Term Up Trend Broken

Greeting from colorful New England,

We are on our last leg of our Fall reprieve from the market getting ready to focus on the investment windows which open in late October. We will get back in to the market after a mildly frustrating summer. The summer rally in the S&P 500 was strong and while our C model missed the rally, we wondered if this year would find a way to be different and not give back it’s gains or much of it prior to the fall re-investment window. While we are a couple of weeks from the opening, the current trend is down and a delayed re-entry is not only possible but would be welcome.

The trend line in the S&P 500 we have been watching which found so much support was broken and larger declines are expected in the C fund. The rest of the market is close to where we exited and we expect to get back in at better prices this fall in the S fund. We will see, best not to count our chickens before they hatch.

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