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  • Doug Noland: A Decisive Quarter

    Members:  I sent an email recently that touches on aspects of Doug’s article below and how I view it from an investment point-of-view.  An important point to repeat is the concept that tightening US monetary policy in today’s globally integrated… Read More ›

  • The DOW

    The Dow Jones Industrial Averages is the oldest market index and widely followed. It only holds 30 companies that represent a cross section of the US economy. The DOW has removed the last standing member of the original 1896 companies… Read More ›

  • So you want to invest in the TSP I fund

    The TSP I fund following the Bellwether timing from July 4th 1998 to June 2018 (21 years) had an annualized return of 10.15% if it switched to the TSP G fund for the unfavorable season. Compare this to the TSP I fund Buy and Hold return over the same time period of only 4.77% annualized.

  • Doug Noland: Performance Chase

    A Bubble collapse presented Dr. Bernanke the opportunity to test his academic theories, unleashing unprecedented monetary inflation specifically targeting securities markets. His policies spurred similar monetary inflation around the world that has continued for almost a full decade. Cut short… Read More ›

  • Off Subject: Internet Sales Tax

    I have an online business.  I have only paid sales tax in the states my business has a “nexus” with.  The Supreme Court just ruled that states should be able to tax online sales even if the company does not… Read More ›

  • Doug Noland: The Great Fallacy

    The pressing issue for global markets goes far beyond widening interest-rate differentials. Markets anticipate a future with the Draghi ECB eager to expand QE and, across the pond, the Powell Fed reluctant to redeploy QE – in a world increasingly… Read More ›

  • Doug Noland: Financial Accounts of the United States

    An overheated economy and highly speculative equities market should weigh on the FOMC during Tuesday and Wednesday’s meeting. And a potentially critical ECB meeting comes Thursday. Currency instability, fragile EM and European periphery and a Bubbling U.S. create quite a challenge for our global monetary commanders. Cracks in the global Bubble have markets betting central bankers don’t have the guts to normalize.

  • TSP I fund: Summer Doldrums

    I may need to add the TSP International fund to our seasonal tracking of our Bellwether signal. Take a look. The TSP I fund is the international fund which holds the largest 85% of developed world stocks minus US market…. Read More ›

  • TSP Charts: A Prelude

    TSP Prelude seen in GE chart

    This is an update to my January article As GE Goes So Goes The Nation.  As I mentioned I don’t normally write about individual companies, but GE is the poster child for the age of wealth extraction. Wealth extraction occurs during… Read More ›

  • Doug Noland: Faltering Bubbles (Italian Drama)

    Keep in mind that it’s not unusual for U.S. equities to go on their merry way right into trouble. The S&P500 rallied to record highs after the subprime eruption in 2007…2000. 1987. 1929.    As I see it, cracks are… Read More ›