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  • Smart Bird: Robinhood Traders Are the Product

    Citadel was front running half of the Robinhood order flow and just got a slap on the wrist from regulators who will probably work for Citadel or another like firm soon.

  • Doug Noland: Drone Money

    It was obvious the Fed had really blown it. That this academic, and recently appointed Fed governor, referred to the “bubble poppers” from the late-twenties and their role in fomenting the Great Depression made it difficult not to be disdainful. I underestimated both the man and the world’s gullibility.

  • TSP Millionaires Strike Back

    Congratulations. Really, but remember it is what cash flow you end up with in retirement that matters. So did you learn any lessons?

  • Doug Noland: Utmost Crazy (Stock Market Bubble)

    ‘There’s no way I can lose,’ said the 36-year-old, who works at a technology startup… ‘Right now, I’m feeling invincible.’

    It is a central tenet of Credit Bubble Analysis that things turn “Crazy” near the end of cycles. And with the thesis that we’re in the concluding (“Terminal”) phase of a multi-decade, super-cycle global Bubble, there’s been every reason to foresee Utmost Craziness.

  • TSP Smart: The Really Short Pictorial History of TSP and the Markets

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a good are chart worth. Find out.

  • TSP Smart: Watch US corruption at the highest level potentially unfolding to protect Goldman Sachs… again

    Three of the top men at the U.S. Department of Justice who have been involved in negotiations as to whether Goldman Sachs, for the first time in its history, will be charged with a criminal felony and hit with a multi-billion dollar fine, received large sums of money from the law firm defending Goldman Sachs in the criminal case.

  • TSP Smart: Something Big is Going to Happen

    Understand today the inside money is selling high today into the Fed’s fire hose and new companies will make their money in the financial markets and probably never in the real economy. The retail money is pouring into the markets laughing at the old timers who have lost their touch. Now I agree there is a chance the central banks continue the madness, but something is going to break sooner or later – something big.

  • Doug Noland: More W than V

    Global markets remain haunted by the specter of an unwind of unprecedented speculative leverage. When markets break to the downside, there is clear potential for another episode of derivative-related selling that would panic buyers.

  • Doug Noland: The Fed is Trapped

    The Chairman’s rambling (non-answer) reply could be summarized in four words: “The Fed is trapped.” It’s trapped by Bubble Dynamics – a historic Bubble that either inflates or collapses. What the Fed labels as “markets functioning” is at this point a “functioning” speculative Bubble.

  • TSP Smart: Debt Gone Wild

    Daydream, fantasize or hallucinate – if you choose. But this is a fiasco – and rather tangible, at that. It started years – even decades – ago. The craziness turned extreme last year, with the Fed aggressively stimulating in the face of highly speculative markets. It was never going to end well.