TSP funds Quicklook:

Three years of central bank pumping, propping and praying.

I predict the G fund will win the 5 year progression. It would have already won if the Federal Reserve had not usurped the free markets in 2019 and early 2020 and late 2020 and today.

“Don’t fear the inflation” they say. They HAVE to say that.

Okay, I say. I fear the Federal Reserve.

Policy failure is the risk today. And I think they already failed us.

Nothing they have done in 15 years has helped the underlying economy or future corporate cash flow. So all the stock market gains are ethereal.

G fund and Short duration Treasuries. Some gold for insurance. Otherwise it is all speculation.

Invest safe,

Michael Bond

TSP Smart & Vanguard Smart Investor serves serious and reluctant investors

It’s becoming dated, but the Best TSP Allocation has good general info on the funds.

I’m working on updates to today’s situation for members.

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