TSP Funds: Time to Get Defensive

I know, I know. The SP500 just tagged a new high and unemployment remains under 4%.

What could go wrong?

SO WHY is the bond market screaming for a return to zero yield interest rates? NOW!


It makes perfect sense only if the financial market is not the economy. And the financial system has become one gargantuan-global-credit-bubble-ponzi scheme requiring ever-larger monetary stimulus to keep from imploding.

Otherwise, I have no idea.

Okay, I have some ideas. And because I am tired of replying to those who believe it’s the “Greatest Economy Ever” or “Buy and Hold No Matter What” I wrote, “Why I Am Defensive And You Should Be Too“. I hope you have 9-10 minutes to read it if you haven’t already.

There is more of course, but we have to start with a reliable frame of reference on where our funds are sitting.

Why I Am Defensive And You Should Be Too

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