Battling Algorithms

30 August 2018 Update

It happened again.  This time I used the word “Bitcoin” in a post and FB will not allow me to advertise that post because they ban the promotion of crypto currencies.  I did NOT promote Bitcoin but used it as an example of what “marginal supply & demand” can do to distort markets.

I simply took the word Bitcoin out of the article, re-posted it and re-promoted it. Orwell lives in algorhythms


13 July 2018

While not a fan of Facebook in general, I have used their service to “boost” my posts to gain awareness of my writing and service.  In other words, I use FB to advertise.

A few months ago, I created a separate corporate FB profile using my name and then FB page called “TSP Smart” and got started playing around with their service.

Then the battle began.

FB algorithms determined something “suspicious” was going on.  Ultimately, I found out they do not allow one person to have two profiles.  What is creepy is how they determined it.

Their algorithms kept having me submit pictures of myself and ID, etc.  I kept trying to communicate with their customer service, but found out FB has NO customer service.

All their websites FAQ pages lead to no phone number or no email nor chat.  Even their money producing promotion section has no customer support.  Yes, algorithms are cheap to employ and the wave of the future like robo financial advisers.

So after contemplating deleting my personal profile so I would not have two profiles, I figured FB would find that suspicious” so I created a new page “TSP Smart Investor” and used my original personal profile as they require.

I have never been able to access my “TSP Smart” page again and it sits out there in internet space.

Now FB algorithms seem to have determined that I am too “political” and must meet stringent requirements to continue “boosting” my obviously “political ads”.

I learned in my previous battle, it does not matter what you or I think, only what the algorithms think and here is a list of topics considered “political”:

civil rights
foreign policy
government reform
social security

My focus is on the financial markets, but I do mention the ones I bolded.  Facebook calls these topics “National issues of public importance” avoiding the word “political” but content with these topics in them are considered “political ads” if paid to boost.

I would like to point out what is not on their list: censorship, privacy, identity theft and exploitation, psychological targeting. Hmm, I wonder why.

My guess is I will be forced to go through their vetting process so I can mention the word “economy” now and then.  And since the budget deficit will matter to the level interest rates reach, how can I not comment on that from time to time.  Or maybe, I just don’t “boost” those posts.

But then how can I save TSP investors from wall street’s money making market cycles?

Wait, was that a political statement?

Only the Orwellian algorithms know.





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