Special Alert Posted and New Membership Levels

I have posted a Special Alert on the current market conditions for all current members.  Also access it under “Updates and Alerts” on our investor dashboard.  Any new smart investor members will also have access to current alerts and reports.


New Membership Levels of Service

Since I realize not everyone trades and needs to use my TSP almanacs that show the trading day seasonal tendency of each fund, I am offering a lower price for access to reports and timing signals without almanac access.

For others who follow their own strategy and are only interested in the almanacs, I added an “almanac only” membership level.

I still offer the low cost “e-mail alert only” timing service with two annual reports and special alerts as well as the full access membership level.

A question I am often asked, is whether I provide alerts to when the bull market is over for the buy & hold types.  The answer is yes with the understanding their is no definite indicator to call the market top.  But using an ensemble of indicators and a technical confirmation signal we can alert you to when the market is telling us the bull market is over based on historical indications of previous market tops.

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