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Tired of the superfluous investment news and black box strategies, we set out to find the best strategy for diversified index funds. After researching investment news letters and strategies, we found what we think is hands down the best strategy since it is simple to execute, avoids most bear market losses, and significantly beats a buy and hold investor over the full market cycle. Our goal is to help investors avoid expensive fees and commissions and unrecoverable investment mistakes. We enjoy sharing our research and if you read us you will learn why our motto is simply "Invest Smart".

  • TSP Funds: the Tesla Bubble

    Now with a market value like that, some are asking surely they will include Tesla in the SP500 now. It sits in the non-sp500 companies (TSP S fund) as the largest company. But the managers of the SP500 have a little rule that has and will keep it out.

  • TSP Funds & Coronavirus

    TSP G fund mask

    Update: The post below was written on 27 January 2020 while the mainstream media was ignoring the issue. I still standby my early assessment below on the virus and told you here to exit equities on the 27th. Because I… Read More ›

  • Best TSP Allocation and Strategy in 2020

    This is not rocket science. It just takes time to do the research which is not something most investors have. This 15 minute guide will save you a lot of time and hopefully increase your future returns starting today by changing some assumptions about the TSP funds you can invest in.

  • TSP Charts in Review

    My assessment remains that we are witnessing a colossal tug-o-war between free market price discovery and central bank interventions. The central banks are winning but each round requires much greater effort – meaning purchases of financial assets with money created out of thin air.

  • Doug Noland: 2019 in Review

    To summarize the 2019 policy backdrop in one word: capitulation. It was to be a year of monetary policy normalization. The new Fed chairman was to finally return policy rates to a more reasonable level. In 2019, the odds central bankers would ever actually tighten monetary conditions became exceedingly low.

  • TSP Funds: The Fed’s Socialism

    Forgive my rant. But when I hear the Fed talk about their concern for inflation expectations, inequality, and now global warming it gets me going. It’s their way of avoiding the truth.

  • TSP I Fund: Shut the Barn Door!

    What’s the battle of the TSP I fund about and mean to our investments?

  • TSP Investing: Where there’s smoke…

    A financial smoke detector went off in the last month (I’m sure your financial adviser told you about it, right). The financial media provided many excuses like “who knew corporations would have to pay taxes like they do every year at this time surprising the bankers” (never mind they have the lowest tax rates ever).

  • TSP Funds: Perspective October 2019

    Today the SP500 (TSP C fund) is below its August 2018 high and the TSP S fund is 10% below its August 2018 high – distribution, distribution, distribution. Market tops take time. Secular market tops aided by central banks take longer.

  • TSP Market Update

    Something changed this week in the markets. It has us on heightened alert.