Is Biden on Our Side

“It would be nice, it would be nice, to have Biden on our side(from the musical Hamilton)

Required Reading for my members: This is the best article to read on who is running our financial system and how Biden is hiring from deep within wall street.  The unknown question is why?

Biden Is Bringing Financial Crisis Guys from the New York Fed’s Markets Group to His Administration: Should We Worry? 17 August 2021 the Martens

Having an entity that is owned by the mega Wall Street banks, that also supervises the same banks, that is also empowered to create electronic money out of thin air to bail out the banks with no spending limits, sounds like something out of an Orwellian novel. It is not a banking model for a sustainable financial future for a large developed nation – a reality that is aptly captured by the fact that the Fed’s balance sheet has grown from $924 billion in December 2007 to $8.3 trillion today – with American taxpayers, not the Wall Street banks, on the hook for 98 percent of that if things go amiss.

Is he bringing them in to the Treasury or is wall street bringing the Treasury to them… or should I say deeper, because they already pull all the strings.  

If the next crisis is handled like the last, we will no longer have a real democracy.  I am not sure we do now with the way policy is written opposite of the will of most people on both the left and right.

Please read the link above to understand the situation. It is fairly straight forward.

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