Smart Bird: The Other Deep State

It’s not the Left or the Right. It’s the Top versus the Bottom 99%.

I think the Martens found the real 2016 Deep State platform. Or Deep Something.

Excerpt from Billionaire Charles Koch, Whose Minions Staffed Up the Trump Administration, Has a Common Bond with Russian Election Interference:

Then there is the fact that a front group for Koch Industries, Freedom Partners, spread staff throughout the Trump administration and mapped out their marching orders for Trump in a formal memorandum on which he delivered: withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord; massive tax cuts for corporations and the one percent; turning the Environmental Protection Agency into a shadow of its former self.

And on the very day of Trump’s inauguration, Koch Industries’ law firm, Jones Day, sent 12 of its law partners to take on key posts in the Trump administration. (See How Did Koch Industries’ Law Firm Grab Control at the White House?)

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