Doug Noland

Doug Noland: Controllable

Families can not live on their reduced share of the US national income. Corporations and billionaires squeezed the middle class and working class to the point of breaking. Now I expect to see a bounce back in wages. And that will lead to wage-push inflation. And the Fed is in no position to stop it.

Doug Noland: Contagion

Real Estate accounts for 30% of China’s GDP and today it is imploding along with the bonds that supported it. Before the pandemic China had 90 million empty apartments… there will be no more expansion.

TSP Smart: Adventures in Bubble Popping

As is too often the case, conventional thinking is more wishful than wisdom. Inflation is very much alive, and it’s definitely not controlled by central banks. And, importantly, asset inflation and Bubbles pose momentous systemic risk to economic, financial and social stability.

TSP Smart: Hammer Time

. I believe a major global de-risking/deleveraging dynamic has commenced in China and Asia. U.S. “investors” seem oblivious to the risk posed to our highly speculative markets in equities, corporate Credit and derivatives.