Simplicity Matters

If you find a simpler, safer or smarter allocation strategy for your TSP funds–follow it.  If your current financial advisor helped you step aside during the last bear market–stick with him.  If not and you want to avoid significant losses to your funds while maintaining the gains, please take some time to read our Learning Center.   I hope it helps you understand how our simple modified buy & hold strategy can help you sleep better during turbulent markets while growing your nest egg.

Our most basic service is designed to keep it simple-to-execute.  You sign into your government TSP account and make the changes on the allocation change date provided in our e-mail alert sent to you in advance.  This happens only twice a year.   it is that simple.

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The Thrift Savings Plan ( offers a great benefit,  as do only a few other public funds such as Vanguard.  We also provide recommendations for funds similar to TSP offered provided by Vanguard for your other IRA/401K accounts.  We are a fully independent timing service and do not receive any benefits from these recommendations.  While I do hope you support us by signing up for one of our low cost membership options, if you do not we still hope you learn from our free content at our investor dashboard and learning center or our Perspectives blog.  We try to cut through all the superfluous investment news in the media and advocate for low-cost (low fee) diversified funds for all retirement accounts and core investment holdings.

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Our goal in researching and developing a strategy specifically for TSP funds was to find one that was simple-to-execute,  required few adjustments each year, avoided most of the losses of the bear markets and major corrections while capturing most of the gains of the bull markets and had a strong long-term track record.  We found one and optimized it for TSP funds and how investing in TSP works.  We know there are different kind of investors–some who do not want to spend much time studying financial information and those who are very involved in investing.  We set up a membership option for both types.  Both options are provided at below industry standard rates because we want to reach as many investors as possible.   We also hope if you like what you see, you will refer us to your friends so we can keep our rates low.  If not, please let us know how we can improve our service to you.

With our simplest and lowest cost service you also receive two annual newsletters prior to the allocation change date e-mails.  This option costs only $85 per year or the price of one medium soda fountain drink per week.

You can sign up for  full access to our website to include the Current Situation Report, our Almanacs, our Bull/Bear market indicator, other trading strategies and reports for $175 per year minus any discounts you receive in the future for referrals to our service.  You also receive the e-mail alerts to remind you to make the allocation changes based on the timing model you choose.  It is that simple and for the same cost of a weekly cappuccino at Starbucks.


Compare our costs to other newsletters, to the fees of you mutual funds in your IRA accounts or your brokers fees built into the funds they sell you.  There is no comparison to your cost and if they never advocate selling you will pay dearly in the next bear market.  And 200 hundred years of stock market history guarantees there will be bull and bear markets.  Please enjoy our content and you will see why our motto is simply, “Invest Smart.”

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