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“Once Trump was settled in the Oval Office, a Koch front group, then known as Freedom Partners, mapped out the agenda it expected Trump to march to. In a document titled “Roadmap to Repeal: Removing Regulatory Barriers to Opportunity,” the group listed the laws and regulations it expected to be repealed in the first 100 days of Trump’s administration. The Trump administration dutifully marched to the beat. Repeal the Paris Climate Accord – done. Tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy – done. Gutting federal regulations and the Environmental Protection Agency – done.” — the Martens 28 March 2022

The billionaire’s club has been busy in politics for some time. In order to achieve all their goals, they have to overcome one inconvenience – democracy. But this is easy for them today with their wealth and politicians willing to simply comply for donations.

But they now have control of the much of the court system to include the Supreme Court. It should be easy to usurp the will of the people from now on. Or just as soon as the next election.

The Money Trail to the Ginni Thomas Emails to Overturn Biden’s Election Leads to Charles Koch 28 March 2022

Our entire system has been driven for the top 1% the last 4 decades. It shows in many ways. Awareness is the first step to recovery.

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